Peer-to-Peer Finance

Peer-to-Peer Finance

Now an internationally established and recognised form of funding, peer-to-peer lending has been pioneered by Oracle in Guernsey. It has become extremely popular thanks to the low interest rates on deposits, and restrictions on lending by high street banks.

Often abbreviated to P2P, peer-to- peer finance is an innovative way of enabling individuals to borrow and lend. Those who have money can to put it to work for competitive returns by lending to other individuals, and those looking to borrow can benefit from attractive rates compared to traditional lenders.

Oracle’s expert team boasts over 40 years of experience in underwriting, meaning they are perfectly placed to arrange lending facilities via a network of private individuals, allowing you to reap the benefits of P2P. We offer a highly desirable alternative to the many online services available.

We arrange all paperwork and manage all aspects of the loan process from start to finish right up until repayment of the loan.

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