Professional Indemnity

Whatever industry your business operates within, sometimes accidents can happen. Whether it’s an email sent to the wrong recipient, a piece of personal information accidentally disclosed or an incorrect piece of advice, the slightest mistake can prove costly for your business.

If a client makes a claim against you for a perceived problem with your work, the process can be time-consuming, stressful and costly; even if the claim is unwarranted or incorrect. However, professional indemnity insurance can help protect you and your business from the consequences of such an incident, such as covering legal costs as a result of negligence or breach of confidentiality.

If one of the following applies to you, you should consider professional indemnity insurance:

  • You handle personal or confidential data belonging to a business or client
  • You have responsibility for a client’s intellectual property
  • You provide advice to your clients as a service
  • You offer a professional service that a client could potentially challenge

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